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Commercial Investments

Commercial Investment Specialists

Results Commercial brokers are real estate investment experts. We don’t say this lightly. It’s a big claim and our experience backs it up 100%.

Not only do we know investment real estate, we’re designed to serve investment clients. It’s nice when clients appreciate real estate professionals with the know-how to guide them through the current investment landscape. Because there’s so much nuance within investment categories, each property or portfolio needs to be carefully underwritten with extreme detail.

Clients hire Results Commercial not only because our experience runs deep, but we’re connected to the critical data & investment resources. We have a pulse on the marketplace because we are the ones getting it done out there. We know what’s happening with buyers & sellers, inventory, lenders, compliance, tenancy, insurance, and industry trends.

Results Commercial represents investments in retail, industrial, multifamily, net-lease, office and land. Lean on our expertise to make it easy for you.

What Are Net-Lease Investments?

Net Lease Investments or Triple-Net (NNN) properties are specialized income-producing, commercial investment products. NNN assets are bought & sold by commercial investment professionals with many owned by individual investors. NNN assets are regularly traded by REITs.

Why Net Lease?

Landlords appreciate the Tenant paying the taxes, insurance, and operating costs. Plus, the Tenant is usually responsible for building repairs & improvements during their lease term. The Landlord collects rent payments with minimal property responsibilities. Investment risk parallels the potential ROI most often measured as Cap Rate. NNN investments require a thorough understanding of tenancy including term, conditions, clauses, and guarantees.

Results Commercial knows net-lease (NNN) investments and have transacted in this space for many years. The trading of net-lease assets is not like other commercial real estate. If buyers, sellers, or brokers don’t understand triple net investments, it can be a steep learning curve and the barriers to entry are significant. It’s a game we play but a little different than the rest. Our difference is better. If you want to know why, we’re happy to tell you.

Sold Net Lease Properties

SOLD! Walgreen’s – Eden Prairie Retail/Net Lease Investment – $6,302,521 (Cap Rate 6%)
SOLD! Walgreen’s Retail/Net Lease Investment – $6,240,000 (Cap Rate 6.15%)
Big Rock Sports
SOLD! Big Rock Sports – Warehouse/Net Lease Investment – $3,600,000
First Source, Inc.
SOLD! First Source, Inc. Industrial/Net Lease Investment – $3,356,962
Tractor Supply
SOLD! Tractor Supply Retail/Net Lease Investment – $2,850,000 (Cap Rate 7.6%)
Lincoln Square
SOLD! Retail/Net Lease Investment – $2,800,000 (Cap Rate 9.43%)
Sunbelt Rentals
SOLD! Sunbelt Rentals Retail/Net Lease Investment – $2,575,000
SOLD! Perkins Restaurant & Bakery Retail/Net Lease Investment – $2,500,000 (Cap Rate 6.9%)
DaVita Dialysis
SOLD! DaVita Dialysis Net Lease Investment/Medical – $2,490,000 (Cap Rate 6.6%)
NTB & Big O Tires
SOLD! NTB & Big O’ Tires Retail/Net Lease Investment – $2,300,000 (Cap Rate 7.76%)
Buca Di Beppo
SOLD! Buca Di Beppo Retail/Net Lease Investment – $2,270,000
MGM Wine & Spirits
SOLD! MGM Wine & Spirits Retail/Net Lease Investment – $1,962,054 (Cap Rate 7.5%)
1380 County Rd C, Roseville
SOLD! Net Lease Investment/Industrial $1,800,000
SOLD! Arby’s 1031 Tax Exchange/Net Lease Investment – $1,780,000 (Cap Rate 6.65%)
SOLD! Arby’s Retail/Net Lease Investment – $1,650,000
Jiffy Lube
SOLD! Jiffy Lube Retail/Net Lease Investment – $1,333,826 (Cap Rate 10%)
Dollar General
SOLD! Dollar General Retail/Net Lease Investment – $1,060,000
Dollar General
SOLD! Dollar General Retail/Net Lease Investment – $1,025,000 (Cap Rate 7%)
SOLD! Wendy’s Retail/Net Lease Investment – $910,000
Jiffy Lube
SOLD! Jiffy Lube Retail/Net Lease Investment – $857,143
Car Hop
SOLD! Car Hop – Burnsville Retail/Net Lease Investment – $690,000
Mayo Clinic Health System
SOLD! Mayo Clinic Health System – New Prague Net Lease Investment/Medical $2,400,000